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About Us
Founded in 1978, The Real Estate Book has grown into the largest free-to-the public multimedia housing guide in North America with over 250 local markets across the U.S. and Canada. Our truly integrated and hyper local advertising vehicle is unique in its ability to reach home owners, buyers, and sellers at the most critical moments of their housing decisions.
Our Reach
1.97 MILLION average monthly press run in qualifying ad markets t
OVER 4.925 MILLION monthly readers t
87% average pick up rate
Our Readers
Our readers are the local home buyers and sellers.
HOME BUYERS – During their first two years in the home, buyers spend $4,000 more on home furnishings, appliances, and remodeling than those who did not move.*
HOME SELLERS – Of home owners researching their decision to sell, 69% pick up local real estate magazines, and of those who have chosen to sell, 76% expect to see their home advertised in a local real estate magazine.***TREB-NatlAdv-Media-Kit-1_05
t Total monthly press run including non-qualified ad markets equals 3.8 million, and over 8.2 million readers
* National Association of Home Builders – using the Consumer Expenditure Survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
** National Association of REALTORS® 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
*** NewPoint Media Group Study of Home Sellers – conducted June 2013


(gross rate)

TREB-NatlAdv-Media-Kit-2_03Based on 1,970,000 circulation (available qualifying ad space), and total readership of 4,925,000
Production Schedule

*Distribution is over a 28-day period. Magazines will be available in rack for minimum of 28 days

NewPoint Media Group, LLC (hereinafter “The Real Estate Book” or TREB”) reserves the right to reject any advertising for any reason, whether or not the advertising has been accepted. If TREB publishes any advertisement submitted, the agency and advertiser, jointly and severally, agree to hold harmless , indemnify and defend TREB of and from all claims, causes, suits or demand arising out of, directly or indirectly and without limitation, use of the content or subject matter of submitted content. Cancellation orders will not be accepted after the closing date for a given issue as published in the rate card. Advertisements that simulate editorial content must be clearly defined and labeled “advertisement.” Publisher is not responsible for error in key numbers. Positions are not guaranteed unless mutually agreed in writing by publisher and advertiser and/or advertising agency.
File Size


  • Live Area maintains a .25 inch margin for the document and keeps copy away from the edge of the document which will be trimmed to final product size (trim size).
  • Trim size is the actual document size – shown here with crop marks.
  • Bleed is any element or background extending outside of the trim, which will be cut off to final trim size. 1/8” bleed on all four sides is required as a print industry standard.
File Requirements
  • Files must be supplied as single page Version 1.3 PDF/X-1a files
  • PDF file must be correct Trim size, with Bleed where necessary and copy inside the Live Area
  • Files should be CMYK only – No RGB or Spot colors
  • File names should be limited to 10 characters with no punctuation except .pdf
  • When generating the PDF, only choose crop marks, file name and bleed. Other marks are not necessary
  • All fonts must be embedded. Use actual typefaces instead of plain fonts with “styles” applied such as bold, italic, outline, etc.
  • Do not use Multiple Master or True Type fonts
  • Black type should be limited to 1 or 2 color breakdowns
  • Images should be good quality with at least ink density of 280% and resolution of 300ppi
  • Verify that all “white” components are set to knockout and not to overprint
National Advertiser Information Form
  • Complete the National Ad Information form
  • Zip your PDF and the form together
  • Upload your .zip file to our ftp site at:Server:
    User name: nationalads
    Password: nationalads21
  • Email when your .zip file has completed uploading
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